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Sunday, November 11, 2012 10:46 PM

It's TIME, to move on. Another chapter of my life, another story. Adulthood? NAH. No such thing. I hereby declare the closure of this blog, contents here shall be entered into history. Peace Out.

Thursday, May 10, 2012 3:45 AM

I see a cliff somewhere ahead of me. Problem is, will I land in a lush field of heavenly smelling flowers with butterflies flying all around? Or will I send myself to the depths of hell in a field of spiky rocks? Should I keep walking? Or head back to my safe house? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Monday, February 13, 2012 8:51 PM

damn it all. i'd everytime spend so much time thinking of what to blog about, and then i forget about it all.

Sunday, January 29, 2012 3:02 AM

i dont know how i suddenly got the habit of writing a journal suddenly. i got like about 20+ journal entries in my signals journal. guess i must be too bored during the course and then i continued all the way lol. but that's good anyway. kills time after my medical appointments while waiting to go back to camp :D thanks to S1 who kept forcing me to write reflections lol. shall find some time to document those entries in soft copy haha.

anyway. life has been pretty neutral. my iPhone has been keeping me occupied, PS3 too. not to mention final fantasy xiii-2 releasing next tuesday wahahah.

dammit, this year is gonna cost a lot with all the 21st birthdays. not to mention, lots of opportunities for arguments to happen when friends disagree on birthday plans or presents. some people think the 21st birthday is very special and more thought (and money) should be spent to choose the gifts. more useful, or more extravagant etc etc. but some other people may feel that their 21st birthdays are just another birthday in their lives, whats the point of putting so much effort into the 21st birthday and not the 22nd one? i sort of fall into the middle category though. being a (very) traditional chinese, i feel that the 21st birthday is indeed a special one as your 21st year marks the age which you are "officially" free from the control of your parents. hahahahah. but, looking from the other side of the fence, i also feel that it doesnt have to be THAT exaggerated. you do not have to go to extra lengths just to make that 21st birthday so special. and for someone like me who is SO BROKE. budgets would be good to have. yup (there are exceptions haha). just set a limit, everybody follows and tada, problem solved. YEAH RIGHT, IF ONLY THINGS WERE THAT SIMPLE. everybody has different opinions, and that of course, is the source of all arguments. we cannot avoid arguments, but we can reduce the impact of them by having an open mind at all times. advice: just try to view the situation from the point of your peers. really, it helps. sometimes people just dont give a fuck. and THAT results in war. and that's also why we humans created fighter jets, tanks, guns, and CITIZEN ARMIES, because humans are fucktards and we just cant learn to compromise.

damn, how did i end up talking about army stuffs when i started off with 21st birthdays LOL.

happy cny (:

Thursday, December 15, 2011 11:38 PM

2 months already? wow, signals course is over. to the air force now. i'll miss maju. i so wanna ord now. it's freaking sian to see everyone enjoying but you're still stuck.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 5:20 PM

DAMN. i forgot about my blog! hahahaha.

anyway, finished bmt. no regrets there, it was the best part of army, if not, my life. no politics, no troubles, just physicial training and going through shit with my section. i love my section, recourses everyone may be, but we're the most united bunch i guess haha.

just went blog surfing, looks like qian yi, wesley and maybe hanif are the only ones left in this blogger world lol.

Sunday, May 29, 2011 6:57 PM

Pokemon is so complex. Every single pokemon in the anime has it's own character, it's personality, it's development throughout the series as it grows. so much attention is paid to the details of each Pokemon, each character like ash, like misty, like brock. their way of thinking, their dress sense, their preferences, their maturity. the animation itself may not have as good graphics as other animes, but its plot development, it's personality and character development of every Pokemon and character in the series loses to no one. Of friendship, between Ash and his friends, especially misty and brock who have travelled with him over 3 or 4 seasons. it is always is a touching moment when ash has to go seperate ways with his companions. Whether it is with a Pokemon of his, or his friends. The anime promotes friendship, promotes family and promotes well-being of many kinds. Just imagine yourself going on an adventure with maybe 2 friends for 3 years and then finally having to split. you, for sure, will cry. Because you will think about everything you both have been through. Not forgetting about the qualities of every character in the anime. Ash, who has the undeniable ability to unlock the hidden qualities of Pokemon. Examples like Pikachu and Squirtle who were initially distrustful of humans, Charizard who initially disobeyed every order, a Chimchar who was traumatised and felt very rejected, all of them who finally decided to place their trust and confidence in Ash and to finally accept him as their Trainer and to grow with him. Misty, who secretly developed a crush on Ash but was not explicitly shown in the animes, and who finally regained her own confidence to become a gym leader in her own right. Brock, who travelled along with Ash to become an expert Pokemon breeder and doctor, who learnt how to care for every Pokemon in a unique way. Not forgetting later characters like Dawn, who, inexperienced at first, matured with the help of her companions and May and Max who, in the same way, grew under the influence of Brock and Ash. Talk also about the games. one of the best RPGs ever in gaming history. over 600 pokemon to obtain. over 600 data to collect, so many items to get. So many badges, so many grass patches, so many towns. You can almost never complete a Pokemon game because there is simply too much detail and too many secrets to uncover. It's like life itself. Pokemon is my childhood, i still loved it in my teens, and i think i'll continue to grow with it. ahh, i love Pokemon (:

4:39 PM

it has been a while.

i totally forgot a had a blog haha.

still in the holiday mood though, because of the batam trip. and anyway, it was really really awesome :D with jinfei clement amanda and siyuan. first time trying water sports and they were freaking fun. especially banana boat and


suddenly no more mood to continue blogging.


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